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Full service Digital Agency

Greenwood Campbell is a full service digital agency that focuses on the mantra: “Know Thy User”. We don’t put pen to paper or finger to keyboard until we truly understand you and your users. Working together, we can convert that user into a customer.

A focus on real users

But what does full service mean?

It means that we cover everything from the inception of an idea to design and build and making sure your customers know about and can find you.

Strategy User Experience Website Design and Build Digital Marketing Support and Hosting Video Services

Take a more indepth view of our services and the team behind each area.

Greenwood Campbell service team

We believe (and our clients tell us) that we’re unique in our approach to delivering digital projects and our understanding how people use digital services and products. Our entire company ethos is based on an intrinsic focus on firstly finding out what people truly want from a product - be this a website or any type of digital offering and then designing and building around this - we call this simply ‘Know Thy User’.

Build your team

We work with our clients to ensure that everything we and they do is focused not only on the business imperatives and needs from the project but also ultimately the user wants - for example what will make their life easier, the completion of a task more straightforward or the adoption of a new service irresistible?

Our client services and account management approach, our design and delivery of projects, the scheduling of priorities and the core focus of of development team has this ethos ingrained within. The focus has been in our DNA from the conception of the company in 2007, when with one client, one order and a friendship that had been built through years of digital experience - our digital agency was born. This has seen us grow as a company from two in 2007 to 28 in 2016 (with offices in Bournemouth and London), has seen us through a rebrand from IADigital to Greenwood Campbell and it will remain part of our culture for many years to come.

The story of our award winning website

With a phenomenal increase in traffic of 309% and the average user spending 78% more time browsing, the Greenwood Campbell website is an immersive, unique and interactive site which the digital industry has to hear about.

A combination of new technology, innovative ideas, creativity and collaboration makes this a website that showcases the best of British digital design.

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