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08 June 2018 by Sarah Caseley-Austin

Chatbot Examples: Financial Services

Chatbot Examples: Financial Services

Chatbots are great for the FinTech industry. When it comes to banking and finance, users want to be able to access customer service 24/7 to answer their queries about their account. Banking and finance chatbots are not only embraced by major financial corporations, the FinTech start-up scene is thriving, with many financial services chatbots used in order for users to track expenditure, save money and pay money.

Looking for some examples? We’ve scouted out the best financial services chatbots that will revolutionise the way you bank forever...

Examples of Chatbots in the Banking Industry:

Financial Services Chatbot

Eno by Capital One

Eno is Capital One’s chatbot that allows users to keep track of their Capital One account from anywhere at any time. Eno works via text message so is super easy to use, where users can pay bills, check their account balance and track payments.

American Express Chatbot

The Amex financial chatbot can be accessed via American Express’ Facebook page, where users can activate push notifications to track purchases made on their bank cards. The chatbot can be also used to answer FAQs and allow users to add Amex offers to their cards.

COIN by JP Morgan Chase

Unlike Capital One and American Express, the bank’s artificial intelligence product COIN does not focus on customer service. Instead, it is used internally to help analyse complex legislation and has predicted to have saved around 360,000 hours of their lawyers’ time. Although this is not a chatbot service, it is worth noting how impressive this AI technology is and its definitely something to watch in the future.

FinTech Chatbots from Start-Ups


Perhaps one of the most well-known banking chatbots, Cleo works on Facebook Messenger or SMS, and “intelligently manages your money” using artificial intelligence. Cleo helps users manage their spending by monitoring transaction history, set budgets, and categorise spending habits.


Financial chatbot Plum focuses on saving money rather than spending it. By using an algorithm, the Facebook Messenger bot understands your transactions and works out how to set aside each week so you can comfortably save.


Like Plum, Chip also assists with money saving. The app automatically puts money away for you using an algorithm to ensure you meet your saving goals; you can even put money away when you’re overdrawn too.

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

These are just some of the many examples of chatbots in finance and banking out there. The financial services industry are really utilising the exciting prospects of emerging technology and the way they can make the banking process easier.   

Looking towards the future, artificial intelligence and chatbots definitely have a home within the finance industry. They can speed up internal systems as well as providing streamline customer service, and there’s no doubt their impact is already here.