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31 May 2018 by Alice Curtis

Customer Service Chatbots: AI In The Consumer Industry

Customer Service Chatbots: AI In The Consumer Industry

Businesses want to be able to keep customers happy; so what can engage with them on a 24/7 basis, provide care and support, and keep them updated with everything they need to know? Make way for chatbots - the technology shaking up the customer service industry.

‘Conversational commerce’ seems to be the buzzword of the moment, as organisations are turning to interact with their customers on a personal level. Using artificial intelligence technology, a chatbot can be used on a platform that customers are already using such as Facebook Messenger, building rapport with them like there is a person at the other end of the conversation.  

We’ve put together some of the best customer service chatbot examples that are changing customer experience for good...

Travel Chatbots Booking Assistant

As one of the biggest travel websites in the world,’s Booking Assistant chatbot aims to provide assistance to those with existing reservations information about the property they have booked to stay in. Designed for those who host their property with, the travel chatbot answers questions the guests will have prior to their stay, and anything the bot cannot answer users are directed to the property itself or the customer service team.

Expedia Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Those who use Expedia’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger can search and book hotels and flights via the bot on the travel search engine. By specifying the dates and location you wish, the bot will then show a number of options that fall into these parameters. Users can also navigate to the Expedia website to view and book more options, where their dates and location will be automatically filled in.


Looking for travel inspiration that works around your calendar? Hipmunk could be the travel chatbot for you. As well as a conversational chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Slack, Hipmunk can integrate with your calendar to work around your travel plans, alongside the option to be able to email Hipmunk for travel recommendations.

Retail Chatbots

eBay shopbot

The eBay shopbot on Facebook Messenger helps you find the best deals on the auction website. After the users specify with the chatbot exactly what they are looking, shopbot searches eBay for sellers who are selling those items. You can also upload and send pictures to bot of what you are looking for who can search for it that way, and there are also push notifications available to alert the user if an auction is about to end.

Estée Lauder Lip Artist

Combining AR and AI technology, the Estée Lauder Lip Artist chatbot on Facebook Messenger allows users to try on lipstick before purchasing it. Customers can search via skintone to find a shade that suits them, or take a quiz to find the correct shade they are looking for, which will then use AR to show the lipstick colour on a photograph on themselves.  


Burberry’s Facebook chatbot launched during Fashion Week September 2016, and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Users can watch Burberry runways, chat to a Burberry representative, and shop recent collections from inside the bot. Burberry have really utilised this platform in the past by offering gamification services and live streams within the bot.

AI Customer Service Chatbots: Are They The Future?

These are some of the great examples of chatbots out there for customer service, focusing on the travel and retail industries. A chatbot is a great way to keep customers at the forefront of your business whilst interacting with them on a personal level, and it is great to see so many brands doing this already.

So what’s next for artificial intelligence and the customer service industry? With businesses always looking for new ways to retain and attract new customers, there’s definitely still room for this technology. As many brands are adopting this innovative technology, the future looks bright in terms of the relationship between customer engagement and consumer brands.  

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