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07 May 2020 by Guest Author: Artur Meyster, Career Karma

Guest Blog: Accelerated Learning is Revolutionizing Education in Profound Ways

Guest Blog: Accelerated Learning is Revolutionizing Education in Profound Ways

As traditional educational institutions learn to adapt to the digital needs of today’s students, there is another way that technology is accelerating and changing how we experience higher education. This is especially true in the technology sector where coding bootcamps are leading the charge to help people get the skills they need for a career in technology faster than ever before. 

And traditional education institutions are beginning to take notice of the success that coding bootcamps have enjoyed over the past few years. It could be that we are witnessing a revolution in learning where we place less emphasis on general education and a heavier emphasis on teaching skills that students are passionate about. As coding bootcamps grow in popularity, universities and colleges are beginning to adopt the accelerated learning models and partnering with some of the greatest bootcamps in the industry.

Coding Bootcamps vs College Degree Programs

Coding bootcamps offer highly-focused and accelerated learning programs to gain the technical skills that are in demand today. One of the biggest differences between a coding bootcamp and a traditional college degree program is the amount of time that is spent in the program. 

While a traditional college degree program lasts between two and four years, a coding bootcamp usually lasts anywhere from 6 to 26 weeks—depending on the program you attend. The reason for the vast difference in time spent in the program is because college degree programs require a significant amount of general education courses to be completed. Bootcamps focus on one topic and spend the duration of the course giving you practical skills and knowledge so you can get to work soon after graduation.

Another great advantage coding bootcamps have over traditional college degree programs is they are much less expensive. A college degree can cost anywhere from $20,000—$50,000 per year, but bootcamps range between $2,000—$20,000 for the entire program. In both cases, neither of the options for tuition covers living expenses. However, you can see the vast difference in cost and determine which will better fit your financial situation.

Are Customized Programs the Future of Education?

As technology progresses, the need for acquiring skills faster and updating them more often can no longer be ignored. We seem to be on the cusp of realizing a significant change in how we view and obtain an education. Bootcamps have laid the groundwork to become a model for continuing education that doesn’t require years to develop skills needed today. It certainly is an exciting time to be witnessing before the Industrial Revolution and watching the world adapt to the new needs of employers.

Are you curious whether a career in technology is a good fit for you? Try researching a few of the highest-rated coding bootcamps to determine if an accelerated learning program fits your needs and interests. The odds are pretty high that you will find a program that can boost your career and open the door to more lucrative opportunities.