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07 December 2017 by Adam Greenwood

IAMU — Your Data, your life.

IAMU — Your Data, your life.
  1. I know you better than you know yourself.
  2. I know everywhere you have ever been.
  3. I know where you want to go.
  4. I know what you can afford.
  5. I know where is available from your location.
  6. I know what makes you happy/sad/excited/frustrated.
  7. I know your dreams and aspirations.

I know because IAMU.

With the ubiquity of data and our propensity to share it, a new type of AI can create a complete picture of us, that knows us better than we know ourselves.

It will read every single email / whatsapp / text you have ever sent. It will monitor your health. It will read/watch your social platforms
It will know every flight you have taken, every hotel you have stayed at,every review you have left. Every uber, lyft, train, taxi, tube and boat you have taken

It will read your internet browsing history, know what videos you watch on Youtube and stream on Netflix, what music and podcasts you listen to and how you feel when you listen to them. It will know what you buy online and off

It will read your bank/credit card/paypal statements. It will follow your investments and see your cryptocurrency.

It will use location services and Google/Apple maps to understand your location and address book to know where your friends and family live.

It will monitor your biometric implants/wearable technology and understand your emotional and physical state based on your changes in physiology.

It will know when your lights switch on and off, how often you open your fridge and the temperature you like to keep your home.

When this data is finally connected across the cloud, a new era of data driven personalisation will govern everything we do. I find this to be equally exciting and terrifying…