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19 October 2018 by Louise Crouch

Is Workplace Culture Important?

Is Workplace Culture Important?

Workplace culture. Why should we invest so much time into it?

It's a business’ personality. Culture is what makes a business truly unique, attracts the very best talent and sets you aside from the competition. So yes - it's incredibly important to invest some serious time into it.

I believe that culture, no matter where, is based on two core principles; inclusion and equality. Employees who feel nurtured, involved and recognised are the most likely to be enthusiastic for the company they work for, and in turn be more productive. Those feeling isolated and undervalued are often disengaged and less productive - not what you want.

Your culture also defines your team’s values and goals, which ultimately shows the world who you are as a brand. A team working towards the same goals with the same values will communicate your brand’s identity to the public, and so create it.

Here at Greenwood Campbell we value each and every one of our team, and it is my mission (as Head of Fun!) to make sure this is communicated every day. Not only is this making sure each and every one of our team feels valued, but making sure that they enjoy coming to work every day. It’s true what they say… we spend ⅓ of our lives at work - so let’s make the ride enjoyable!

Culture at Greenwood Campbell

I wholeheartedly believe that a company’s culture isn’t all about perks, benefits and all that ‘fun stuff’... but I do think that it is a very important part!

We host a monthly calendar of activities, both regular and spontaneous. This can be anything from being taken for a scrummy lunch with our CEO to having a magician in the office on a Wednesday morning. No two days are the same, and I like to keep it that way. The drudgery of the daily routine does not exist here at GC HQ!

Take a look below at just some of the perks we offer at Greenwood Campbell:

  • Monthly lunches with Adam, our CEO.
  • A day to volunteer at a charity of your choice.
  • Hot breakfasts delivered to the office.
  • Work Anniversary celebrations.
  • Drinks every Friday with the team.
  • Selection of fruit + fizzy drinks on offer every day.
  • Birthdays off work.

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