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18 June 2018 by Gemma Bianchi

Recruitment and HR Chatbots

Recruitment and HR Chatbots

The recruitment industry is always one to keep up with evolving trends. Due to its competitive nature, recruiters are always looking for new ways to find the very best talent.

Could artificial intelligence give recruiters that cutting edge? Can a chatbot really build rapport like a recruiter does? There are a lot of recruitment chatbot examples out there, but why exactly would those working in recruitment and HR need to use one?

There are many different reasons as to why the recruitment sector should look into using chatbots and artificial intelligence:

  • To answer queries from applicants on a 24/7, instantaneous basis
  • To utilise the data from candidates to match them with suitable job prospects
  • To give candidates the option to connect with HR via their mobile devices

With this in mind, we’ve researched some of the best recruitment chatbot examples to find out…

Top Chatbots in HR


Described as ‘your team’s AI recruiter’, Mya helps with the recruitment screening process. The AI recruitment software uses machine learning to collect information on candidates and correctly identify the kind of role they are looking via the conversation between the candidate and the bot. Mya can also create profiles for applicants and then shortlist them for specific roles.


Another conversational use of AI in recruitment, Olivia engages with her users through text messaging. The recruitment chatbot is always on hand to update candidates with the status of their application, answer questions and provide feedback, with this 24/7 access it is something that appeals to both recruiters and candidates.


KellyOCG are an outsourcing and consultancy group that has introduced chatbot technology to enhance the candidate experience. Their idea of ‘re-imaging the candidate experience’ aims to establish emotional connection whilst understanding the personal requirements of each individual candidate.

Leena AI

Running on a variety of platforms including Slack and Workplace for Facebook, Leena AI is a HR assistant that performs a variety of functions. The AI software boasts impressive features such as the ability to track the entire mood of the whole company, predicting disengagement and shows you your salary structure.

Chatbots in the Recruitment Industry: Do They Work?

The chatbots mentioned can help with a lot of tasks that those face working in the recruitment industry. Chatbots can help with FAQs, tracking candidate process, and dealing with HR requirements. One thing the examples mentioned all have in common is there focus on ensuring human-like functionality; the chatbots all want to build rapport with their users and create a personalised, tailored experience.

So could artificial intelligence enhance the recruitment industry? Absolutely; with the examples given above, there is so much potential for HR and recruitment to really utilise this emerging technology whilst still providing the emotional connection of recruitment.