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12 November 2018 by Gemma Bianchi

Voice technology in the charity sector

Voice technology in the charity sector

Since Alexa first spoke to us in our homes in 2014 and we watched THAT video of Google Assistant making a call exactly like a human, there has been an explosion of devices, applications, smart speakers, actions and skills in the voice arena.

Voice assistants can control our homes with smart thermostats, fridges and TVs, and help us with productivity by searching the internet, setting timers, sending emails and playing music.

We are also now seeing voice assistants explode into the commercial world with NSPCC, Ocado, Trainline & British Heart Foundation being some of the handful of businesses that are including voice search as part of their marketing strategy.

“50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020”

There is a lot of conversation happening around how brands can monetise voice. After all, with the increasing number of smart speakers and voice assistants in our homes, this is a massive opportunity to engage with users and customers in their homes. Right?

What about if we took the opportunity of a rapidly growing technology, the simplicity of voice technology & the broad demographic of users and applied that to charitable donations?

The charities creating the most impact are the ones that understand that infrastructure; good coverage is crucial to raising awareness and staying front of mind.

“The voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry by 2019”

Imagine you’re sat at home watching TV in the evening and on your screen you see an advert for let’s say, Prostate Cancer UK. On that advert you see text that says “Alexa, donate to PCUK”. Tempted? Of course you are. Not just because you want to feel good about donating but because you’re intrigued to try it! Using your device, you’re then simply able to suggest an amount and pay directly though your amazon account linked to Alexa. The same could work for Google Assistant users using Google payments.

And it’s not just donations. Voice opens up a variety of opportunities for charities; ways to check for cancer, mobility advice for those with disabilities or even quizzes and games for the elderly to keep their brains active. Charities such as Breast Cancer Care and Age UK are exploring opportunities in this space right now.

“Businesses all over the world are capitalising on this shift, and those who aren't might just get left behind.”

The key is finding your killer use case. We know it's hard to come up with an idea in a new marketing channel - there's plenty of unknowns and technology is changing every day. But don't worry, from ideation through to development and sharing best practices - we can help.

As an Alexa & Google partner, Greenwood Campbell use a tried and tested method, normally starting with lots of ideas in a workshop.

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