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20 April 2020 by Louise Crouch

WFH: keeping office culture alive

WFH: keeping office culture alive

One of the things I always say about GC is – we work hard but play harder. But with the implementation of UK lockdown, our usual methods of ‘extra-curricular’ fun have gone out the window. Cool workspaces are officially irrelevant. Having a Fifa station in the office no longer matters. There is no point in receiving half price cinema tickets for the weekend. We can’t bask in the glorious sunshine, Pimms in hand, at the summer bar. And so, it’s time to get creative! Here’s just a few things we’ve been up to in the first few weeks of lockdown...

1. Keepin’ active.

We’re quite the active bunch at GC, so doing something sporty was always going to happen. And so ‘Greenwood’s Bootcamp’ was born (much to the objection of our poor abs.) We’ve been doing this during our Monday lunch break and it’s a great way to kick-start the week. All you need is a little space, a platform for video calling and a willingness to get seriously sweaty.

2. May the pub be with you.

Friday just isn’t Friday without our 1pm rendezvous at the pub. There was no way we were letting this tradition go, and so ‘The Isolation Pub’ was built out of Zoom, a trip to the beer fridge and a toast to the end of the week. And for good measure we do a quiz because after all, who doesn’t love a bit of stiff competition from one’s lounge? Disclaimer – Client Services Director Adam is smashing us all, but I feel a comeback is on!

3. Know thy colleague.

We see our colleagues most days in their working capacity – but how well do we actually know them? I created ‘3pm pictures’ in the hope that we may get to know everyone better. How often do you get to see that Luke is actually a baking god with a signature pud named ‘bunny cheesecakes.’ And it can be a real laughter-inducing exercise – like when I got everyone to send in their baby photos and guess who they were one by one! Here’s a few we’ve done so far…

  • Favourite spot in your home.
  • Your baking creation from the weekend.
  • Baby pictures.
  • One thing you couldn’t live without during lockdown.

(Guess who!)

4. Social ‘outings.’

Impossible given the current circumstances… right? Wrong (well, kind of.) Being at home doesn’t mean one must eat the contents of their freezer, watch The One Show and bake banana bread. There are so many things being offered on the internet right now it’s mind-boggling. A highlight of our ‘normal’ working month is indulging in our team outing – think pizza making, cocktail masterclasses and sporting tournaments, so we were beginning to feel a little lost without them. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats that feeling of smashing your boss at badminton, but given the times, some of the below can be rather fun!

  • Missing the pub? Why not try tuning in to a live Instagram wine tasting session every Friday.

Order the wine here: 
Tune in on Friday:

  • How about a cheeky cheese tasting evening for £27 - delivered straight to your door.

Get your cheese fix here:

  • Get your culture fix by watching some great theatre - The National Theatre is streaming some of it's much-loved performances on Youtube.

Get the popcorn, sit on the couch (still in your jim-jams) and enjoy:

5. Keep those tunes coming!

It’s all well and good putting the radio on – but how about creating a collaborative Spotify playlist? In our natural habitat, aka our office in Bournemouth, we always have our daily playlist on in the background. On Fridays we even have a theme for said playlist – imagine a nice eclectic mix of Spice Girls and Slipknot (yes, really.) This week’s theme was ‘COVID-19 Quarantine Party!’ (We are nothing if not current!) See below for inspiration…

6. A little self-care.

Sometimes in life, it’s the little things isn’t it? Your favourite chocolate, your weekly magazine, some glorious smelling hand cream. It’s uncertain times like these when having our little comforts can bring a much needed smile to our faces, which is why we sent ‘care packages’ to our team. Think along these lines…

  • For a little self-care, moisturisers & lip balms.
  • For a little self-indulgence, chocolates and nibbly bits.
  • For a little cheeky tipple, some prosecco, beer or cider.

Tailor each one by getting personal – we included dog treats for our office dog Ralph, an interiors magazine for a recent home buyer, a bottle of Malbec for our resident wine drinker… you get the gist!

In the words of our CEO Adam – Stay home, stay healthy, stay positive! We'll meet you at the Summer Bar in no time.