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17 June 2019 by Megan Wellman

What are the benefits of a Facebook Messenger Broadcast?

What are the benefits of a Facebook Messenger Broadcast?

Enabling you to create knowledgeable and interactive messages with your audience wherever they are, Messenger chatbots are becoming more and more popular.

Messenger Marketing is new, and not many companies are yet implementing this form of communication.

How do you know what content to send, should you replicate already used content?

Should it be more promotional, or should you avoid selling yourself too much?

Am I restricted on how many words I can use?

What is so good about Facebook Messenger Broadcasting?

I’m sure you are sat there thinking, is it even worth using the facebook messenger broadcasting feature? Are you going to really gain that much from it? Can you not just continue to do status updates and send out emails to your audience like you always do...

Of course, you can keep doing the same thing and not try something new, but you would be missing out on amazing engagement like this...

I’m sure looking at those results, you think you aren't seeing something right. are seeing it right, open rates between 66% - 98% and click-through rates of 8 - 72%.

These numbers are common for those who use Facebook Messenger broadcast marketing.

When you look below, you can see just what a huge difference there is between email marketing, and exploring new channels.


There are many more benefits than ‘just’ the engagement and click through rate.

You don’t need to worry about your messages bouncing. Everything is already tied to individual Facebook accounts, there’s no worry you will be sent fake accounts (in the same way you may get fake email address).

People’s Facebook Messenger accounts are also not ‘overpopulated’ like email. A person may get over 100 emails in one day, but will likely get no more than 1 or 2 Facebook messages in a day. Most people use Facebook to only speak with friends & family, which means they are actually using the app, and probably have push notifications turned on.

That’s just a small handful of reasons why business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers are so keen on introducing Facebook Messenger Marketing to their comms plans.  

But you can’t just start using Facebook Messenger Broadcasts, you need to be strategic about it.

What exactly is Facebook Messenger Broadcasting?

A Facebook Broadcast Message is a one-off message you manually send to people on your messenger list.

Lots of people like to focus on automated and scheduled messages, but sometimes things crop up, that don’t fit into your schedule but you really want your audience to know about. For example, if you were nominated for an award and need client votes, ask them for some feedback or if it’s simply to let them know your closing hours over the festive period.

If you use the platform ManyChat, you can also use these broadcasts to separate your users into some more specific sequences. For an example, if you sent this:

You would have the ability to tag everybody who joined as “likes_meditation” and would then be able to send those users more specific content that is relative to them.

If you want to explore more about Facebook Messenger Broadcasts, drop our team a message to and will we be in touch shortly.