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Digital strategy

Our strategic team will spend time with you at the very inception of your project, whether that be a start-up or digital transformation. We will use our experience gathered across all aspects of the digital landscape and work with you to create the strategy that you need to make a significant digital impact.

  • Adam Greenwood
    Adam Greenwood Managing Director

    Adam started his digital career as a Business Analyst and prided himself on his ability to act as translator between business owner and developer. Adam splits his time between working with our most valued customers and speaking at events about user experience, conversion rate optimisation and the future of digital.

  • Dave McRobbie
    Dave McRobbie Strategic Director

    Dave has been working in digital for over 20 years, with a vast amount of experience in digital transformation, information architecture and neuroscience. He has delivered digital projects for clients including Reuters, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and PH Hotels.

  • Nick Caseley-Austin
    Nick Caseley-Austin Business Analyst

    Nick moved across to the strategy team from our design and build team where he was a Sitecore certified .NET developer. This gives him a unique ability to understand complex integrated websites and come up with solutions that both the customer and the developer will understand.

  • Catherine Markar
    Catherine Markar Business Analyst

    Catherine has over 3 years experience analysing bespoke software and integrated websites. She is able to understand a clients' requirements and document them using tools such as process flows, wireframes and user journeys. This assists our designers and developers in understanding how the website should function so that the final product delivers on the original requirements.

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User Experience

Our ux team understand the importance of testing your digital products on the people that they are meant for. We research, prototype, test then build. But once your site is live we continue this process. Constantly refining and studying the changing buying behaviour of your customers and adapting your sites on the appropriate devices.

  • Kathryn Whiteley
    Kathryn Whiteley Account Manager

    Kathryn is an accomplished digital marketer who has lead successful UX projects for customers including LV=, Prostate Cancer UK and Scottish Athletics. These projects have lead to increases in traffic, engagement and ultimately conversion.

  • Marek Mis
    Marek Mis Creative Developer

    Marek is a digital visionary who uses his unique combination of creativity and technical expertise to design and build award winning websites. He designs and builds Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and prototypes quickly for our Real Word User Testing process.

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Digital Marketing

Having a beautiful, optimised website that understands its visitors and converts them to customers is great, but if no-one can find it then it is useless. Our digital marketing team use content, social, organic search and PPC to guide the right traffic to your site.

  • Annie Talboys
    Annie Talboys Marketing Director

    Our award winning Marketing Director has had a venerated career up to date, working with clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail and hospitality industries. Annie will work with your digital marketing team to create a strategy that will get more of the right traffic to your website, increase conversion, create more engagement and raise the profile of your brand.

  • Michelle Gorton
    Michelle Gorton Digital Marketing Executive

    Michelle is a Google certified SEO and PPC expert whose campaigns have increased inbound leads for clients by 522%. She has decreased cost per acquisition (CPA) and increased adwords engagement. She has worked with clients including Vanquis Bank, Post Cash for Gold, Ramsay Healthcare and Kitbrix.

  • Kelly Butler
    Kelly Butler Marketing Executive

    Kelly is an accomplished marketer with a vast knowledge of on and offline marketing techniques. She works with clients to deliver marketing strategy around direct mail, email and effective use of CRM.

  • Kathryn Whiteley
    Kathryn Whiteley Account Manager

    Kathryn works with our clients to establish traffic and conversion targets for their websites. Then she works with them to create content strategies that are implemented via social media, organic search and paid search.

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Design and Build

Our design and build team work hand in hand so that there is no disconnect between how your site looks, feels and works. Our creatives work with our clients to fully understand what will emotionally connect with their customers. Our award winning tech team will recommend and select the correct software platform to build on.

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell Technical Director

    One of our co founders and an incredibly accomplished and experienced developer. Ian is a Sitecore certified full stack developer that has been the lead developer on digital projects for The BBC, Dixons, Visit Scotland, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and British Transport Police.

  • Dan Meineck
    Dan Meineck Development Director

    Dan is our Development Director, a SItecore and Umbraco certified developer who lead the digital team at Fitness First for four years before joining Greenwood Campbell in 2015. Using his vast experience he has honed the development team into an incredibly efficient team, utilising the latest software and systems.

  • Ben Russell-Vick
    Ben Russell-Vick Front-end Developer

    Ben joined us as a graduate front end developer from Bournemouth University and has earned many accolades since 2013. He has created beautiful interfaces and responsive websites for envisage, BIMA and Prostate Cancer UK.

  • Marek Mis
    Marek Mis Creative Developer

    Marek is a digital visionary who uses his unique combination of creativity and technical expertise to design and build award winning websites. He designs and builds Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and prototypes quickly for our Real Word User Testing process.

  • James Mathieson
    James Mathieson Senior Developer

    James is a Webforms and MVC 5 C# .NET certified Microsoft developer. He is Sitecore certified and gets his head down to over deliver on projects for customers such as PCUK, NIBSC and Premier Marinas

  • Luke Geddes
    Luke Geddes Senior Developer

    Luke is a Microsoft certified professional developer who specialises in .NET, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Luke has experience developing with Umbraco, EpiServer and Sitecore. Luke has worked on digital projects for clients including The Royal Society, Advanced Computer Software, Spicerhaart and McCarthy & Stone.

  • Rebecca Kidston
    Rebecca Kidston UX Designer

    Rebecca joined us as a design graduate from Bournemouth in 2014 and has been a driving creative force here ever since. She has worked on pitches for Southampton City College and CILEX and has been the lead designer for digital projects for Marakon, Ski Club of GB and The Training Room.

  • Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy Support Developer

    As one of our Bournemouth University placement students, Ben works across all areas of the agency including design, build and support desk teams. Ben is proficient in PHP, .NET and HTML.

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Support and Hosting

Our 24-7 support team is constantly in a ready state to fix any issues that arise with your website. Our hosting experts can advise you on which scalable solution is right for your website whether that be CDNs, cloud, dedicated or shared hosting.

  • Sam Watts
    Sam Watts Head of Support

    Sam has recently returned to Greenwood Campbell to lead our support team. He is a Bournemouth University graduate and also a successful alumna of our placement scheme. Sam leads our support team and ensures that our clients service level agreements are met and exceeded.

  • Troy Turner
    Troy Turner Support Developer

    Troy is one of our Bournemouth University placement students. He has been manning the support desk for some of our biggest clients and is able to eek out any issues they may have and then solve them quickly.

  • Gurgy Elliot
    George Elliot Junior Developer

    George is another successful placement graduate. Having got his degree from Bournemouth University, he has rejoined Greenwood Campbell as a support developer.

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Client services

The client services team are the glue that ensures every project is a success and every client feels valued. Every project is assigned a team that comprises of an Account Manager, Project Manager and Business Analyst.

The Account Manager is ultimately responsible for the client relationship, ensuring that they get the service that they will have grown accustomed to. The Business Analyst works with the you to understand your brand and offer proactive solutions to achieve your business goals. They will help write a project brief then document the requirements for our development team to design and build it. The Project Manager is the person that keeps all of the plates spinning, ensuring that the right resources are available to deliver your project on time and budget.

  • Adam Smithson
    Adam Smithson Account Director

    Adam has been a rising star since joining Greenwood Campbell as an Account Manager in 2014. He now leads the client services team as our Account Director and ensures that his team is delivering award winning projects for our clients. Adam is personally responsible for some of our key accounts, including Ramsay Healthcare, Dixons Carphone and Premier Marinas.

  • Lucy Davis
    Lucy Davis Project Manager

    Lucy is one of our incredibly talented Project Managers. Having worked at digital agencies since university she is able to quickly understand the details of a project. She uses a mix of agile and waterfall methodologies to deliver complex projects with demanding deadlines.

  • David Gunnell
    David Gunnell Head of Customer Engagement

    David is our head of client engagement, his career is a rich tapestry of customer service in the digital and software industries. He has led digital projects for some huge organizations including The National Audit Office, Sage, The BBC, Pincent Masons, Avis and MI6…. David is commercially astute and works with our clients and management team to make sure that what is delivered is what has been agreed.

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams Account Executive

    Jack is another placement student from Bournemouth University. He started with us as a support developer but soon showed that he had exceptional inter-personal skills that we wanted to put to better use. Jack joined the client services team as an Account Executive and has thrived in this position ever since.

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