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Have we reached a content critical mass?

Content is changing

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Today's users are consuming up to 18 hours of content every day. More content has been created in the last two years than in the entire history of mankind.

The democratisation of content means that every minute, we are: uploading 300 hours of video to YouTube, posting 500,000 updates to social media, sending 15 million messages and uploading 240 billion heartbeats to Fitbit.

It is impossible to consume even a fraction of all of this content, so does that mean the death of content?


We have to find new ways to engage today's users. The big players have already changed their content strategy to appeal to a much shorter attention span.

Content needs to be tailored so it can be delivered in many ways: voice, conversation, chat, web, app, mobile; all depending on where your users are and how they interact with your brand.

Few of us can compete with the budgets of brands like Netflix - but what we can do is create enticing, exclusive content in bite-size chunks to engage users, and keep them interested long enough to complete their research / sign-up / buy your product.


From animation and showreels, to time-lapse and talking heads; our team is capable of producing a wide range of video formats.

We help you to source the right representatives to deliver the message, choose the right music to complement, write the script and plan out the storyboard, leaving no stone unturned in our production approach. With a decade of video production experience under our belts, we’ve worked with a range of clients on a variety of projects. We know just how to create video content that delivers amazing results.


A picture can tell a thousands words. Why use stock imagery for your website or social media activity, when you can cost effectively create your own.

From team head shots through to on-location photoshoots, we have highly experienced photographers skilled in creating on-brand, impactful images. We are happy to work on single projects, through to regular monthly shoots, at your offices or ours.

Digital Marketing

So what happens once you have all this amazing new content? It sits on your website or social channels in the hope that the right people will see it? No. Digital Marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click

Advertising (PPC) or Social Media have the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers ensuring that all of this new content is capitalised, proactively reaching the right audience & creating brand loyalty.

Written copy

Creating relevant, SEO friendly and engaging copy is an art form whether it’s for your website, blog posts, social media or a guide, which is why we have wordsmith superstars who understand the importance in ‘tone of voice’.

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Because we care

We want every one of our clients to succeed digitally; developing a new website that delivers business objectives, creating awesome experiences while at the same time producing outstanding results.

With this in mind, we offer any prospective client a complimentary digital appraisal on the house. We aim to:

  • Analyse your website’s current digital performance
  • Benchmark your website against your competitors
  • Evaluate the results and give our best recommendations

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