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Advanced Chatbot Guide

As an innovative and forward thinking professional, you know that chatbots are incredibly valuable as automated customer service assistants. You’ve read all about them, and tested them out, now you’ve started to think about the benefits one could bring to your business.

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Technological Change

The tech behind the bots is here to support your business and serve your customers better. Wielded best with experienced hands, there are future proofed frameworks out there ready and waiting for your business to take advantage of bots.

If digitalisation of society is teaching us anything, it is that change is here to stay. What we did five years ago online is definitely not what we are going to be doing in the next five years. The digital evolution simply requires your business to embrace change, not fear it!

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  • Don't feel baffled – From simple definitions to the stats that back it all up
  • Meet the Bots – Check out our favourite bots so far, and how we rate them
  • Bot DNA – The technology behind the bots
  • For strategy lovers – Let us show you the process to create yours
  • Futuristic visions – Sharing an idea or two on where this could go
  • Sum it up – If you are short on time and want to get the main features of this guide you may want to start here

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Bots are here to stay

As always, with anything new in digital you can take the approach maybe later, maybe tomorrow if it sticks around.
Or you might even think this one can sit on the “too hard to do pile” for a while. With all our experience of pioneering into new areas, the team here at Greenwood Campbell are certain that bots are not just a fad, or the thing that will fizzle out. We know they’re here to stay.

Dedicated AI Chatbot Agency UK

Chatbots can alleviate the pressure of needing to provide an immediate service to your customer base. Whether you’re a large organisation with an expansive communications team and millions of customers; or a small startup who haven't got have the human resource to manage growth; we can create a customised artificially intelligent chatbot solution that informs internal stakeholders of this positive addition and more importantly engages your customers.

The artificial intelligence aspect of a chatbot is all about making your information systems more intelligent – whether processing natural language from customer service teams to ensure compliance and governance, or more complex solutions incorporating machine learning and problem solving, depending on the enquiry.