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Beginner Chatbot Guide

You want to know why chatbots are so perfect for today's user, what game-changing chatbots are available now and how to convince your organisation it needs one. If you're looking for the knowledge to convince them, then look no further.

Fastest growing channels

Chatbot development examples

Chat and voice communication are the fastest growing channels for engagement with customers and your brand or organisation needs to be planning for how best to integrate these into your digital offering.

So, you’re having a hard time convincing your boss or board of directors that it’s the right direction for the company? This guide will help you understand where the chatbot revolution is heading and what you need to do to convince your organisation to plan and fund one.

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  • Who is this guide for? – For forward thinking professionals like you!
  • Why are chatbots so perfect for today’s user? – Statistics and facts on why users favour chat for communication
  • Game-changing chatbots examples now – A few chatbots that impress us and are redefining the genre
  • How to convince your organisation it needs a chatbot – Tips on how to speak to decision makers to get your project going
  • How to start the process of building a chatbot – When you have approval, what next?
  • Are chatbots going to take all of our jobs? – A look into the history and future of game-changing technology and its effects on our jobs

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Customer Service Chatbot needs

Your organisation’s reputation depends on the customer service you provide. If a customer is unsatisfied once then the likelihood of them returning is very slim. That’s why you should take every opportunity to deliver a great customer experience to meet the changing needs of customers on the whole.

One of the best ways to do this is cleverly automate your customer service with AI chatbots – chatbots with personalities on brand, who can answer questions a long-winded phone call would usually do. In our guide, we give examples of best virtual assistants to improve your customer service, we’ll show you how to convince management that chatbots are great for the business and we'll also describe the long-term benefits chatbots bring.

If your organisation is forward thinking

Then a desire to be the best and to be innovative can be enough to get your chatbot project off the ground.

In our guide, we will show you how to talk about statistics, the massively growing user base, incredible engagement levels, any attention spans, the advantages of immediacy, the astronomical creation and consumption of data and why you need to talk about todays user’s desire for speed of service and their desire to talk to a smart AI.