Know Thy User®

Understand your audience and design for them

The story

To engage your users, you must first understand them

When world famous landscape architect Lancelot Capability Brown designed a garden, he created it first without paths. He would then wait for a light dusting of snow and use the footprints to see where visitors would like to walk. Only then would he add in the paths using this insight.

We feel the same way about digital projects. Before we truly understand what your users want, we can’t start creating their journeys.

We completely focus on people - understanding their needs to ensure that the design, information architecture and content meet their needs; not what your organisation thinks they need. User experience is not just the location of a button on a page, or an image they see – it is a complete amalgamation of their online and offline experience with your business.

The modern digital user can access services from anywhere using any type of device and in almost any environment - how possibly can this sheer scope of variation be accommodated?

Starting with motivation, we also analyse emotion, device and location of your users.

This thinking and research enables us to truly understand how to best deliver the services your user wants, ultimately creating the exact type of engagement and conversion that you’re seeking.

It all starts with hi.

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