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Digital Marketing

There are two primary measures that Google and other search engines use when deciding where to feature your site in their rankings and therefore how your promotion is recognised: Relevance and importance.

Digital Marketing

Creating engaging connections

Relevance - is what your site is saying relevant to the user’s search?
Importance - This is how many other important websites (including social media influencers) are linking to you.

Both of these work in harmony to create and increase the visibility of your business and services to those users who could be become customers. We appreciate this delicate balance. We also understand the correct and ethical methods to ensure that you and your business see rapid, but stable and sustainable growth in exposure and therefore traffic. You will not simply see a sudden huge increase in visibility (and traffic) only for this to disappear just as quickly - being a full service agency we understand how a change in design, content or functionality can have an effect on a digital marketing push. We not only understand the dots - we join them together to create a digital picture ready for the ever-changing and ever increasing demands and behaviour of users.


We can work with your marketing team to audit your entire digital footprint; SEO, PPC, social, email, SMS, content and analytics.

We will benchmark this against your competition and create a digital strategy that will deliver and amplify campaigns that will drive traffic to your site. Combine this with our award-winning UX and testing processes and all of your digital channels and ultimately your business will see an increase and return on investment.


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Google Analytics, Reporting and Digital Audits


Since working with Greenwood Campbell our turnover on web sales has increased by 60% in 6 months.

- Will Read, AS Catering
Digital marketing

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