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We believe that a digital strategy should be so ingrained into your core business that it simply becomes part of your overall business strategy and planning.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy underpins the business

Our two lead strategists have a combined total of over 40 years' experience across the digital space alongside a detailed understanding of different markets including Retail, Public Sector, Charities, Defense and Aeronautical Engineering, Hospitality and Media.

They are able to take their latest thinking and that of the digital environment and blend this with their huge knowledge of business imperatives - including stakeholder management, return on investment and business change approaches - to ensure that a client’s forward planning and investment in digital is grounded in their fundamental capability of change, business and market environment and importantly ongoing cost base.

Adam Greenwood

Adam Greenwood is the MD of Greenwood Campbell. He has a background in business analysis and sales - managing multi million pound projects and accounts - giving him an incredibly unique skillset in understanding how a business may need to change to accommodate external pressures to drive increased sales and longer lasting relationships with clients. He has grown Greenwood Campbell from day one and continues to oversee our rapid growth. He is passionate about providing strategic advice and guidance to clients and this experience of having to do it himself alongside his professional knowledge makes his insight and realistic understanding of what it takes to implement change and drive improvement unparalleled in the industry.

Dave McRobbie

Dave McRobbie is Strategic Director, an ‘expert generalist’ - he is able to call upon over twenty years of knowledge and experience across various markets to support clients in understanding the strategic priorities for their business. With a background in Project and Programme Management, Dave has delivered multi-million pound programmes within the public and private sectors. Hs has also worked within Retail, Media and the financial sectors. One of Dave’s specialisms is being able to engage stakeholders and support clients in internal sales process at the start and during any change process that may arise through the adoption of a digital initiative - this support can prove invaluable for clients when developing and implementing new plans.

Both Adam and Dave are accomplished digital strategists and are able to work closely with clients as part of an internal team, or alternatively review, take a snapshot and present findings to clients in respect of a series of recommendations for digital and business improvement.

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