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We reconnected a national housing charity with an employee-driven communication strategy

It’s no surprise that an organisation which operates as a housing association, care provider, membership franchise and non-profit charity, all under one roof struggle to streamline processes and communicate effectively.


Abbeyfield provides care and accommodation for 7,500 older people in over 400 homes, mainly across the UK, which is a challenging operation within a tightly regulated industry. 

Alongside a large number of dedicated staff, they rely on volunteers to provide the unrivalled quality of service that they’re renowned for, having established in 1956 by Richard Carr-Gomm with one home and an ambitious vision to alleviate loneliness in older people.

Abbeyfield’s existing Intranet platform was built on a restrictive platform that wasn’t meeting the varied needs of many different types of users, including care home managers, administrative staff, charitable trustees, volunteers and regional managers.

The overarching aims of the research were to:

  • Engage with users who are frustrated with the existing platform
  • Evidence the problems to identify new functional requirements.

What we did

Abbeyfield commissioned Greenwood Campbell, as their newly appointed digital agency, to conduct an ambitious nationwide user research project, covering all four corners of the UK within 6 months. The purpose, was to gather deep insight that’s never been collated before to inform the development of a new Intranet platform and communication strategy that meets the dynamic needs of their organisation.

Embarking on a project of this size and complexity required careful, strategic planning from Abbeyfield’s team from a logistics, operational and cultural perspective to ensure value was returned on investment.

Collaboratively, we decided on a two-pronged approach to data gathering with a qualitative methodology in focus groups that ask questions that are recorded and analysed, and a quantitative methodology that gathered hard statistical data through surveys to recognise patterns in behaviour that wasn’t just anecdotal feedback.


All boxes ticked


Once we had completed our initial 6 month insight gathering, Greenwood Campbell created a comprehensive, evidence-based report that informed strategy with key points in mind - logistics, operations and culture. This strategy was then filtered throughout the entire business to create streamlined, consistent and effective communications within the organisation.

Building trust, inspiring change and creating excitement for a more modern, connected and productive working future for Abbeyfield was a great project to embark on and produced some fascinating observations that have been used to develop the new Intranet platform.

Abbeyfield testimonial

"It’s been such a pleasure working with you all over the past 6 months – you’ve helped transform the mind set and direction the digital team and wider organisation, is going in, and I can’t wait for 2020"

Lucie Walker
Digital Manager

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