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We helped the nation donate their unwanted gifts for an experience with Buyagift

Buyagift is the UK's leading and most affordable gift provider with over 4500 experiences. From adventure experiences like helicopter flying and supercar driving to spa days, three course meals and luxury short breaks.


Greenwood Campbell partnered with PR agency, W Communications to deliver a new campaign for Buyagift where users can donate their ‘unwanted’ gifts to a partnered charity in return for an opportunity to win an experience.

What we did

Upon understanding the requirements, we built a fully responsive website that worked seamlessly across multiple devices and browsers including desktop, mobile and tablet. Once on the website, users are guided through a simple journey through modern UI to select the item they would like to donate in exchange for an entry into the draw.

There is a limited number of winners per day which is completely randomised. We did this by building a custom algorithm in the back-end. Users who are not successful in the prize draw will be encouraged to sign up to the existing Buyagift newsletter to receive a discount code. The web app also prevents from multiple participation in the draw of the same user.

Users who have won an experience are taken to a data capture form to enter their details. Upon submitting their data, the user is taken to a confirmation page and encouraged to share their experience via social links (endorsed by brand ambassador Joe Swash). Users who haven’t won an experience are notified and taken to the Buyagift website to sign up to a newsletter to receive a discount code.

We built the platform using Google stack: Firestore database, Cloud Functions to handle the backend algorithm and Firebase Hosting for quick and easy deployments. Front-end was created utilizing Single Page Application architecture provided by Vue.js framework.

All boxes ticked


Buyagift has teamed up with Shelter, a nationwide UK charity that helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support, and legal services.

Successful swappers are urged to donate their unwanted gift to one of the 91 Shelter stores nationwide.

On the first day of launch, we had over 4000 users to the site which Buyagift are delighted with.

Over the course of the 8 week campaign, we saw:
12,500 unique draws
40,000 users visiting site
Over 200 winners