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Web development

We personalised and future-proofed a website for legal executives

Originally built in 2008, CILEx were using an old CMS platform to deliver their five group websites.


In April 2013, the CMS product used by CILEx moved into 'Level 4' support, which meant the education provider would get minimal, e-support only with no guaranteed product fixes.

There were also a number of other issues surrounding the legacy system being used and problems with the existing hosting arrangement.

What we did

Greenwood Campbell started the project by hosting research and discovery workshops to gather information on requirements, integrations, user needs and further opportunities to enhance the CILEx online offering.

Alongside the data gathered during the discovery phase, we analysed the journey their primary user may be on when engaging with CILEx and what makes them convert to an enquiry. This information formed the blueprint of the project.

We recommended the Sitecore Experience Platform as the new solution for delivery of all group websites and digital services because of its scalability as well as simple ability to personalise the user experience.

Technical work started by bringing across the first 3 'microsites' which resulted in a comprehensive group of sites which are streamlined and using the latest technology. This gives CILEx reassurance that the platform is future proof and extendable to fulfil their needs today and going forward.

CILEx Digitial Project Manager

"I just want you to know how impressive Greenwood Campbell have been with regards to the Sitecore project for the CILEX. It has been a complete pleasure to work alongside you on the project and even better that is was delivered on time and on budget. The team have been extremely diligent in managing the project from start to finish and this now represents a step change in how CILEx can operate their digital business."

Simon Wilde
CILEx Digitial Project Manager
The solution

Sitecore Experience Platform

CILEx are using extensive features within the Sitecore Experience Platform.

This includes personalised landing pages for members, a directory of lawyers and the ability to customise their MyCILEx homepage.

The Experience Platform also allow website users to access their personalised CareerHub section via an integration to their career’s platform.

Throughout the site there are related content links which vary depending on the type of user profiled and which other pages they have accessed. Further feature within Sitecore XP which are in place for CILEx to benefit from are:

  • In-session personalisation
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Data down to the individual level
  • A/B and multivariate testing, goal tracking and visitor path analysis
  • Rules-based and behavioural targeting
  • Customer engagement measurement

By working closely with the digital team, we were able to deliver a brand-new website and content strategy both on time and completely within budget. We continue working closely with CILEx with monthly technical support and on new initiatives.

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