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We helped certify healthcare professionals in the US

Constant Companion is a US based company who specialise in voice technology for people in need. They offer a range of tech and services which really make a difference to their customers' lives by helping them easily communicate with healthcare workers through a smart speaker in their home. Based in Florida, they have been an exciting company to work with as we have had to step outside the normality of British/EU rules and regulations into a new specification with different ethos, policies and integrations.


Constant Companion offered courses to their customers on how to use the Companion products and short quizzes to enhance the learning experience. Alongside this, they also offered a certification course to their healthcare professionals which allowed them to use an online portal to complete a course to become certified.

They wanted a way to combine these platforms into one where they could create unique courses for their 6 customer types (Professional Caregivers, Family Members/Caregivers, Clients/Patients, Homecare Agency Owners, Health Care Providers and Senior Communities/Facilities). They also felt their existing option was outdated and difficult to use.

There were a few main concerns from Constant Companions Legacy Learning Platform that we addressed. These were:

  • The current platform is hosted on a different domain than their main site
  • The current platform does not have the same look and feel as their main site
  • The current platform does not allow for them to separate their users and give them uniquely designed courses for their user group.
  • The current platform does not allow for official certificates to be obtained after completion of a course.
  • There is limited reporting and marketing integrations able to be used on the current platform.
  • The course layout and design was outdated with all materials on a single page which discouraged user participation.

What we did

We started this project by looking at their current legacy learning platform to establish the type of content they would be using, based on timings and budget, we then decided that using a different learning platform that was capable of using a custom code base and had a well-rounded reporting system with the ability to separate users upon signing up would be the best route for this project. After extensive research from the GC team, we found that the LearnWorlds platform offered what was needed within the budget.

While LearnWorlds is extremely adaptable, we did find that not everything was fully customisable. The outdated JavaScript being used for some components was difficult to merge with our updated JavaScript files. Furthermore, with new content being created daily by the Constant Companion team, we began creating courses manually which was time consuming.

To deliver the new platform, we used a verification and validation methodology which involved a trial and error process of many different learning platforms to find the best option. Once we decided on the LearnWorlds platform, we were able to begin focusing on the platform reskin and design to match their current main site. The course content was drip fed by the Constant Companion team to Greenwood Campbell by user group, these courses were first created as drafts and included multiple types of media including videos, images and audio scripts for the users to fully embrace the learning experience. The ability for customers to create accounts using their email or Gmail SSO allowed for them to select their user type, this then showed them to see the custom made courses for their user type as well as their information being stored securely inside the platform to be able to pull reports of specific users, courses and analytics. It also allowed for users to exit the platform without losing their work.

The project took 6 weeks to complete. The first week being requirement gathering and discovery sessions with both teams, the second week was spent researching their current legacy system and finding a new learning platform to meet their needs. The third week was spent working with the LearnWorlds platform to design and implement a base platform that resembled the main Constant Companion site. After this, the new content and media was added to the platform in a draft form, and finally the full system testing was undertaken using multiple user profiles, quality checking and end-to-end testing or user journeys.


We built the platform with growth in mind and have the ability to expand to thousands of users all over the world. As technology evolves, so does the ability to learn about it!

Our early feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We are extremely proud and excited that this new platform has exceeded Constant Companion expectations and will allow them to get onto the next level of learning and helping their clients in all types of ways.

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