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Conversational commerce - The future of online retail

In an age where conversation is king, where we talk to smart devices in our home and would rather communicate via message than in person... we asked ourselves: “How can we recreate the experience of shopping for an outfit, on a mobile device?”

The idea

We spend a lot of time thinking about how emerging technology will change the way users engage with brands, products and services. 

Messenger apps are being used more prominently than social media apps and users are starting to communicate with brands and service providers as well as friends and families.

We wanted to understand how a chatbot could benefit users that want to buy clothes online, so we began researching offline clothes shopping habits. We started to see a pattern forming; when women shop they tend to buy based on a ‘want’, “I want a new pair of shoes”, or “I want a new handbag”. Whereas when men go to a store, they tend to shop based on a need; “I have a job interview”, or “I am going to a wedding”.

We also found that men are more likely to purchase multiple items from one store where the sales person takes an interest in what they want the outfit for.

So, we decided to focus our efforts on menswear and use chatbot technology to find out more about a male user and what occasion they are shopping for, with the ultimate goal of increased engagement and a higher conversion rate.

What we did

We designed a chatbot that asks the user questions about the event they are shopping for in a conversational manner.

First the chatbot asks questions about the user, their size, height age.

Next, what is the occasion? Where are you going? Is it a job interview/wedding/date?Is it fancy/casual/traditional?

Then the chatbot starts to show outfits that it's AI thinks the user will like, based on their answers but also based on their browsing and purchase history.

The user is able to swipe through different outfits and customise them until they find exactly what they want. The chatbot is always there in the background, asking questions and learning about the user.

What we learned

Conversational commerce is in its infancy and yet, within a short amount of time we were able to recreate the experience of being in a store with a salesperson who can learn from a customer and help them solve the problem of not knowing what product they want to purchase.

Using AI that can learn from user's behaviour online we can personalise the experience even further and offer them a service that is not possible with a traditional website.

If you are interested in learning more about this or our other upcoming concept projects then get in touch or speak to our chatbot.

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