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We created a new strategy to engage the global FutureLearn audience

FutureLearn is an online education provider, offering a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world.


FutureLearn is one of the top five Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers based on the number of students, and they offer over 700 online courses for learners globally.

The organisation approached Greenwood Campbell in March 2019 after being invited to our quarterly event, Fable. They wanted us to create a customer engagement strategy that focused on how FutureLearn communicates to their audience whilst they are using their e-learning platform.

The brief set out to identify and address the missing opportunities to truly engage and inspire the learners during their learning journey. 

This project required the expertise of our UX, design, strategy, project management and development teams.

What we did

For any strategy to be useful, it’s really important that the objectives are clearly articulated and then the recommended solutions are easy to interpret by a multitude of teams within an organisation. 

We wanted the strategy to deliver not only the in-depth research and corresponding recommendations, but also to provide an adaptable framework. A tool that can be used again in other areas of the learning platform and the ability to extract conclusions and establish the direction moving forward. The most important component of the framework is the extensive Emotional Journey Mapping that was developed for FutureLearn’s internal teams throughout the project.

In today’s data-driven marketing world, teams tend to focus on digital user interactions like time on page, number of sessions, clicks and open rates – but that’s just cold hard data and doesn’t tell us the whole story. Those attributes are not enough to get to the heart of human behaviour, to really understand the Why.

Senior Product Marketing Manager at FutureLearn

"The strategy and the format of delivery were absolutely excellent. You blended really well the emotional, the functional and the perceived-value element of the user journey - this was so important for us. "

Olivier Wittorski
Senior Product Marketing Manager at FutureLearn
All boxes ticked


Early feedback from the client confirmed they felt the strategy and the format of delivery were absolutely excellent. It was important to FutureLearn that we were able to blend the emotional, functional and the perceived-value element of the user journey, something we achieved. 

The framework was created for specific teams within the organisation, but due to its success, it has the possibility to be rolled out to every department.

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