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We enhanced Health-on-Line’s consumer offering using modern technology

Health-on-Line (owned by the UK's second largest health insurer, AXA) is an innovative and forward-thinking company, committed to offering an online service to its customers.


After attending one of our Fable events in April 2018, Health-on-Line’s Marketing team engaged with Greenwood Campbell to explore ways in which we can enhance the customer experience, challenge their competitors and continue to establish the brand as a truly online offering.

Health-on-Line were looking for a solution that would quickly and efficiently answer repetitive, telephoned in questions from their customers which would, in turn, free up time for their contact centre team to focus on more strategic work. During a discovery session with key stakeholders from HOL and the Greenwood Campbell innovation team, the HOLI chatbot idea was conceived.

A challenge we addressed during the early stages of the project was HOL’s customer demographic, which is, on average age 49 years old. We needed to understand any possible friction points and potential engagement of the chatbot.

Through user research, we discovered it wasn’t the age of the customer that made much of a difference, it was the customer motivation. According to Statista, more than 66% of 30 - 59 year olds, are using Facebook Messenger - the ultimate in conversational user interface.

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How a chatbot can help your business?

Chatbots come in all shapes and sizes; from simple question-based bots through to bots that understand and learn from the conversations they have.

They can support your brand experience at every stage of their customer journey.

From product selection to promoting discount through to helping with renewals, customer support and concierge queries; they offer businesses a true opportunity to lower costs whilst improving satisfaction.

Fueled by business data and designed in-line with your brand personality, chatbots are relevant to every business across the globe.

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What we did

In the initial scoping session we looked at all the common questions and how a chatbot could best answer the questions or point the user in the right direction to facilitate their need.

The scoping session involved Greenwood Campbell’s technical team and UX researchers combined with Health-on-Line’s customer services and marketing teams so that we could scope a chatbot that was not only technically advanced but was true to Health-on-Line’s brand and values. 

Once we had identified the chatbot’s personality, we then drew out the conversation trees for each of the common questions. This was reviewed and signed off by Health-on-Line and so we were ready for development. 

We developed the chatbot using Dialogflow as the backend logic and Kommunicate as the user-friendly front end platform so that the chatbot could be easily updated and monitored with bespoke reporting as part of its service. The chatbot sits on Health-on-Line’s main website ready for when users need quick answers at any time of the day. 

The chatbot has been designed to answer most common questions such as ‘Can I change my address?,’ ‘How do I make a claim?’, ‘How do I pay my excess?’,  ‘How do I cancel my policy’ and many more. These questions were gathered by the Health-on-Line customer services team by collating data from their customers over a set period of time.

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The chatbot has some key objectives defined; fulfil customer needs especially during out-of-hours, enhance Health-on-Line’s online offering and simplify their self-service platform and to decrease customer service call traffic

Once HOLI has been live for 3 months, we will be publishing these results.

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