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Augmented Reality

We enriched Hult's prospectus with Augmented Reality experiences

Hult International Business School brings together creative, open-minded people from all over the world to do business, not just study it.


Our good friends at EducationFirst recommended us as an innovative tech partner to show Hult just what amazing marketing possibilities emerging tech can offer.

Working together with an enthusiastic team of marketing, print and digital professionals we took on the challenge of making a traditional printed university prospectus engaging, exciting and immersive - using the latest technology.

We started this project as we always do - by immersing ourselves in the Hult culture and spending time understanding their users and the opportunity. We spent time exploring the art of the possible and decided to use augmented reality as the core feature for the rich experiences triggered from the printed version of prospectus via QR codes.

What we did

The project began with a discovery session, fleshing out ideas incoming from the both organisations. We assessed the impact and feasibility of each one and ended up with a list of 5 separate experiences. We decided to use QR codes as the entry points and use web-based technologies to lower the barrier to entry (we didn't want to force anyone to download anything from app stores).

Ideas which found the most traction were:

  • AR hologram of the Hult’s president introducing the key concepts of organization
  • Future problems - AR animated illustrations working in tandem with the graphics printed in the prospectus
  • Media Room - a collection of videos and audio files
  • Campus Quiz - an interactive personality quiz matching you with Hult’s location
  • Faces of Hult - a gallery of students focusing on the importance of diversity
Mobile frame

Digital Hub

In addition to these individual experiences we created a micro website where prospective students can access all the experiences. The microsite leverages Hult’s branding in a 3D format, offering an early indication of the innovative journey which sits at the heart of Hult International Business School.

Markus Mandl

"We wanted to remove the line from something that is printed and something that lives in the digital world, we always wanted to create that brand experience. The end result when I show the project to friends they really think this is super cool. It feels seamless and also has a purpose. It adds value."

Markus Mandl
Chief Marketing Officer

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