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We supported London Sport to become the #MostActiveCity

London Sport was founded in 2014 by a group of organisations with the backing of Sport England, London Councils and the Mayor of London, with a mission to help physical activity and sport to work better in London.

They aspire to make London the world's most physically active city. 


London Sport wanted to ensure that they had an ‘always on’ digital presence to ensure those who are currently less active, have better access to take those first steps into a more healthy lifestyle. They had previously trialled a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to deliver this, but needed help to deliver a more advanced specification.

 After a recommendation from an existing client, London Sports’ Digital Marketing Lead reached out to Greenwood Campbell to see how we could help.

What we did

The project started with a scoping session at the London Sport offices. The Greenwood Campbell Project Manager and Design Lead met with the Digital and Marketing teams from London Sport, where they collaboratively brainstormed different ideas, which would then lead on to a written strategy.

The project took approximately 6 weeks. This involved a series of screen-shares with the Digital Marketing Lead at London Sport, working on the collaborative design brief and the specification document.

Greenwood Campbell worked with London Sport to develop a more advanced conversational solution that would enable them to scale the existing programme to more channels and increase the audience reach.

All boxes ticked


London Sport are using the output of the project to run a short sprint to test how they could potentially deliver the project.

This will help them to determine the next stages of development for the Chatbot.

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