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We disrupted traditional life insurance methods for LV=

LV= are a leading, digitally focused financial services company focused on insurance, investment and retirement solutions


LV= wanted to test whether their customers would purchase life insurance via a mobile device.

From kickoff to completion including user research, designs, testing and prototype presentation - the project needed to be completed within a six-week timeframe.

With a pure focus on UX, the project outline was to design, develop and test a series of prototypes for LV= customers.

The challenge was to produce a mobile experience, which acted and behaved as a native mobile app. In order to optimise the conversion rate, we needed to streamline the number of steps involved in purchasing life insurance, whilst keeping UX at the heart of the project.

What we did

The project consisted of four key stages - wireframes, design, HTML and testing.

Our understanding of the psychology of users meant we knew certain elements were pivotal to the project success: understanding of the content, feeling and security and reasons for purchase.

Mobile frame


From this, our specialist CE and UX teams created three functional mobile prototypes for “Quick Cover” life insurance.

Once the prototypes were built we focused on Real World User testing, looking at the number of stages the customer would need to pass through, their questions and response paths, whilst also tracking eye and finger movement.

We analysed hundreds of user commentary and reactions, going onto quantify this into hard data. We then used the data to make consumer-led recommendations to optimise the final product.

All boxes ticked


The project combined key elements of UX, an understanding of user behaviour, plus the development of creative and technical solutions.

We completed 70 tests with 35 unique users and analysed 497 comments. We provided negative vs positive breakdowns of each prototype, which were then broken down across key features.

Whilst LV= initially approached us with an ad hoc, prototyping project, Greenwood Campbell provided a total mobile offering. Throughout the development, we advised on other elements which pushed the boundaries of the LV= brand with a softer tone of voice, playful copy, alternative icons and imagery within the prototypes.

The findings showed a higher conversion rate for the second prototype, which 50% of users selected, and the number of people willing to purchase life insurance on a device rose from 15% to 40%.

Critically, the project highlighted that from those users who were tested, 100% of them stated they would purchase life insurance via the web app consistently.

David Oliver - User Experience Manager at LV=

"Against an extremely tight deadline, Greenwood Campbell were able to produce high quality prototypes to help support a proof of concept for our life insurance mobile offering. Their approach was extremely innovative, user focused and analytical. Their unique Real World UX approach gave us an honest and valuable insight into LV= user behaviour, enabling us to put their experience at the heart of the application."

David Oliver
User Experience Manager at LV=

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