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We connected people with consultants to help them get the care they need

OneWelbeck was founded by doctors and healthcare leaders who believe there is a better way to deliver care. They pride themselves on empowering teams of exceptional doctors and utilising the latest in healthcare technology, all within bespoke centres of excellence, to deliver an effortless, personal and premium experience to their  patients. 

Born from their parent company, Welbeck Health Partners, OneWelbeck is a private healthcare facility like no other, with twelve specialities all under one roof, all uniquely created to put the patient first. And they are only continuing to grow. With more specialities and new centres planned for the near future, we are so excited to have been a part of only the beginning of their journey.

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Due to significant growth since inception in 2019, it was time for Welbeck Healthcare to consolidate each of their existing websites into one, all-encompassing onewelbeck.com site. The need was for the new website to aid in shifting the company mentality from one of a start-up to an established corporation, and to help to alleviate one of the main pain-points: joining centres up and making their proposition clearer for their patients.

OneWelbeck wanted the new website to be the starting point in transforming the organisation's reputation to ‘the department store of healthcare’. The main aim being to increase enquiry forms submitted from potential patients and receive positive feedback from referrers, consultants and patients who have found the information they’re looking for easily and quickly.

Greenwood Campbell assembled a team including our UX experts, designers and developers to arrange an initial discovery session and take a deep dive into OneWelbeck’s needs. A big challenge with this project was ensuring all voices were heard when it came to decision making. A variety of users engage with the website daily, from patients through to consultants and partners and it was important that all needs and specific user journeys were considered when consolidating the website.

What we did

Our main aim was to design a frictionless journey for all users; enhanced functionality such as global search, dynamic features, intuitive, simple navigation and seamless integration with the likes of HubSpot to help with managing and tracking form submissions.

Following our discovery session, Greenwood Campbell used our tried and tested Know Thy User methodology to determine a roadmap for the project–starting with in depth user research to gather data on how users were interacting with the current site and highlight where any current limitations were. It was important to cover the variety of users interacting with the site including patients, GPs & Consultants within our research.

Alongside the qualitative user interviews conducted with the above users, we completed a deep dive into the site’s existing analytics and a review of the competitor landscape to understand what was working well for the industry, and what wasn’t. Only once this data was gathered did we begin our design process.

It was hugely important for OneWelbeck that they stand out from the crowd and above their direct competitors. We reviewed websites and brands that offered a “department store” of products and services such as high end hotel brands to help gain a different perspective. Here, the idea for an illustrative touch was born. We believe the implemented approach and the assets and animations found across the website differentiate OneWelbeck from their competition and aid in strong brand recognition. These assets can be used beyond the website to help link with future marketing communications and continue to build the brand authority that OneWelbeck requires. 

Beyond the design, our SEO and UX expert worked closely together to determine a solid foundation for the new navigation and URL structure–grouping the website under four main categories: symptoms, conditions, tests & diagnostics and treatment centres. These four main areas defined what users looked for most commonly when hitting the website. By consolidating the separate centre websites into these four areas, we were able to streamline the user journey and make it clear the entire OneWelbeck offering was under one roof.


Early feedback from the client and the wider team has been positive, with some great response from the management team and the consultants themselves. We will continue to monitor the website's performance, utilising the tracking and detailed Google Analytics dashboards set up to review form submissions and how users are interacting with the website. 

With the OneWelbeck offering only continuing to grow, the team hope to build on the existing website by integrating with a more complex live booking system, and also to build out the various microsites for the new centres due to open in the not so distant future.

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