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Performing a 'search and rescue' on this Sitecore implementation

In 2014, Premier Marinas had a brand new Sitecore website, but needed to find a new digital partner that could support their future growth plans. They approached Greenwood Campbell because of our long standing experience of managing the Sitecore platform


The marine industry is largely untouched in terms of digital developments, our job was to bring innovate digital thinking and approaches to their customers everyday requirements.

The first task was the take over the support and development of the current site. Following this, we were tasked with developing the current site to include an online automatic renewal process, online booking system for dry stack space and sales integration features.

We also worked with the Premier Marinas team to enhance the online customer experience and user journey throughout these projects along with the development of an email customisation solution.

Jay Garoghan

"Greenwood Campbell took over the support and management of our Sitecore websites in 2014 and quickly upgraded our installation to give us access to latest features, functionality and security. Alongside a dedicated support team, we work closely with their developers to build innovative digital solutions that improve our customer experience. They are a great team to work with and their partnership approach to deliver forward-thinking digital strategies is refreshing. I am looking forward to the projects we have planned in the future."

Jay Garoghan
Online Managel, Premier Marinas

What we did

  • Management, support and development of Sitecore platform
  • Template layout and control
  • Sitecore integration with other applications including CMS, API and GlobalPay
  • Discount functionality
  • Creation of email templates
  • Logic for detecting existing users
  • Logic for sending correct email
  • Client testing
  • Project Management
  • Deployment
Chocks away


Premier Marinas now provides a seamless user experience for their customers which has resulted in repeat business through the automatic online renewals process and easy payment methods. They have continued to add value to the customer journey and increased the average expenditure of each of their current customers.

The email customisation has allowed strategic targeting of potential customers and current customers, ensuring detailed customer profiling and personalised experiences. This has increased conversion rates and retention rates.

The company is continuing to be the most innovative organisation within their industry providing unique digital solutions to their customers.

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