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User journey and design overhaul for the UK’s first and rapidly growing ultra pure water distribution network

Spotless Water offers the UK’s first self-service, ultra pure water distribution network. Over the next two years Spotless Water will be dispensing easy-access and quick-fill, ultra pure water from more than 450 self-service locations across the UK, providing convenience, reliability and quality at a competitive price. All this with a mission to ensure customers are able to leave the site with zero-TDS ultra-pure water, any time, every time.

Spotless Water is an innovative, ever growing start up business with multiple customer touch points and ways to engage. As an entrepreneurial business ourselves, we were so excited to take on this project as the company goes from strength to strength. We felt we would be the perfect fit and partner going forward.


After recognising that the customer app and brochure site was no longer performing to its full potential, Greenwood Campbell had an exciting opportunity to recreate it from the ground up.

Spotless Water had received initial feedback from users that the existing app had a poor user experience and a layout that was difficult to navigate.

Customers wanted a site and app that simplified the payment process, was easy to access and use and was a one source of information so that they could easily stay up to date with any changes and offers. Spotless Water as a business were looking for a platform that helped to build on their existing community, increase engagement, improve communication (both ways) all of which will ultimately lead to increased loyalty.

The project began with a full discovery session, including all key stakeholders from Spotless Water. From this session a product specification document was created that outlined all key user stories for consideration along with the required functionality across both the website and the app. Throughout the project, Greenwood Campbell was required to work closely alongside another agency that handled the branding to ensure that we remained within the guidelines throughout. Such collaboration can come with its own challenges, particularly as this project came about right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and was one of our first true tests of remote working. Effective and efficient communication both internally, and with the external agency, was key throughout.

What we did

We used our Know Thy User® delivery methodology to deliver the project. The design delivery was broken down into five key stages:

  • Discovery and planning
  • User research 
  • Information architecture & user journeys
  • Wireframes and design
  • Delivery and handover

Our approach to wireframing and design was that we worked on the website first followed by the app. As 80% of the users are mobile users, we used a mobile first design approach, with more time focusing on the layout and look on mobile (which was then transferred to the app, where appropriate to do so) and secondarily on the desktop. Here we used responsive design elements that expand when viewed on larger browsers.

All boxes ticked


The project has led to Greenwood Campbell also taking on the POC screen designs and user journey for the Spotless Water kiosks found across the country.

In the future, Spotless Water hopes to introduce additional features in a phased approach including routing software, overseas capability, scalability and a potential subscription model. All of which will help to protect the business against future competition.

Spotless Water Testimonial

"Greenwood Campbell has been a fantastic partner in not only helping us define and optimise our core objectives, but also in responding to tactical challenges and new opportunities. They truly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new initiatives in the world of digital and the team is a pleasure to work with. I would also add that the station screens they designed were outstanding and exceeded expectations."

Tim Morris
CEO and Founder, Spotless Water

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