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We smashed The Training Room's marketing goals

The Training Room connects young people with learning opportunities, advice and support across the IT, Beauty and Personal Training industries. With over 30 academies across the UK and thousands of students, they are an innovative course provider at the cutting-edge of their field.


The Training Room required a full digital marketing strategy including SEO, content and social media campaigns.

Previously they had relied on PPC over organic SEO, resulting in limited growth and low conversion rates. Most of their content was focused on personal trainer courses and did not support their multi-sector vision.

What we did

Greenwood Campbell increased the use of all of The Training Room’s organic channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We merged the 30+ location-based profiles on which existed, into one leading account.

We created user-focused content for these accounts including blog posts, video content and one-off campaigns including quizzes and competitions, all focused on a variety of courses, no longer preferential to personal training. This has been supported by paid social ads driven with content-based themes across all platforms.

We also rebranded their imagery, logo and design to a more modern visual approach to boost engagement with the young audience and support the move to a multi-sector provider.

Content on the website, across social and within the blogs has all been written with specific keywords to support SEO. We completed a content audit, culling 2000 html pages to just 500 whilst also focusing on site and URL structure, making these tailored to Google’s needs.

SEO Juice


By merging the social media accounts and providing video content we have increased shares on Facebook by 185%, comments on Facebook by 74% and Facebook sessions by 280%.

Our #MayTheCourseBeWithYou Star Wars campaign achieved an enormous 290,000+ impressions with a modest media spend.

Overall, organic sessions saw a 106% increase, traffic from social increased by 62%, conversions went up by a massive 280%.

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