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We created a web platform to showcase the UK’s top mural artists

The Upside Gallery project, created by Paintshop Studio, is a team of creative minds who are passionate about reviving their local community through art.


After creating an incredible wall mural for Greenwood Campbell back in 2016, the Paintshop Studios marketing team got in touch with us about a new project that they were embarking on in our local town. 

They had created the “Upside Gallery”, where they were transforming the grey pillars that supported the Wessex Way in Bournemouth, into amazing and colourful works of art, creating a dedicated outdoor mural gallery of more than ten of the UK’s finest artists.

Paintshop Studio wanted a way to showcase the artists, and have a platform created that would be accessible for members of the public that are viewing the exhibition, which is hosted in a location that would traditionally be otherwise unsuitable for artist profiles.

What we did

In our first session, Paintshop Studio showed us some fantastic designs and shared their vision for the project. 

The scoping session involved Greenwood Campbell’s project management and technical team, combined with Paintshop Studios project commissioning team so that we could scope out the perfect site that aligned with what Paintshop Studio wanted to achieve.

We worked on this site for a period of 6 weeks, and we managed the product using an Agile Methodology. This means that the client got to see a functioning website as soon as possible while still being able to feedback and iterate into the designs as we moved through the project. Regular touchpoints with the client meant that we delivered an end product they were excited about.

Photography: liveworkvisit.

Photography: liveworkvisit.

In order to create the site, we used the latest Umbraco, v8. This ensures the website is futureproofed and secure, allowing us to use the latest Microsoft .net features while giving the client flexibly and freedom to manage their content. The site uses Foundation for frontend, utilising a relatively new tech called Flexbox, which is a powerful and flexible way of laying out pages, giving us the choice we need. 

This was a really exciting project to be a part of, as not only have we built a website, but the project also interacts with live art installation. This means when you attend the exhibition, you have the ability to handover between real-world art and artists profiles online seamlessly, using only your smartphone to detect a QR code, and sending a user to a URL in their browser.

All boxes ticked


This project had some clear objectives from the outset, to have a platform created that showcased the artist portfolios. Next, we will be looking to create individual QR codes linked to different artist pages, allowing users to navigate the artists work they’re viewing at the gallery. 

Check out the site here. 

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