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Disrupting the recruitment industry

From concept to execution, Greenwood Campbell took a start-up business concept and disrupted the care provider recruitment industry


Urtle are a start-up gig economy platform that allows qualified workers in the care industry to match with potential employers to pick up one-off shift work.

The challenge was to take a seed idea and comprehensively layer the concept with the required business elements to make it a success. The USP of Urtle was the speed with which applicants get paid after completing a confirmed shift. Greenwood Campbell had to identify and integrate the right payment platform that would power the billing engine area of Urtle

The client brief was simple, to create the 'Uber' of care work recruitment with the UX of 'Tinder' that pays applicants quickly. Users were broken down into two groups; care workers and care providers.

Mav Kopczewski

"We were recommended to Greenwood Campbell and could not have chosen a better Developer to assist us in the development of our new Platform. From the outset Adam and his team have delivered on point with a huge degree of knowledge and experience. Adam has been a prime example of a great leader and has provided a fantastic service that has met our needs and demands. Urtle are pleased with the outcome/design and would have no hesitation in recommending Greenwood Campbell to other businesses who are looking to use a company that can produce First Class Websites/App based devices"

Mav Kopczewski
Mav Kopczewski, Sales Director - Urtle

What we did

We began the process with a comprehensive set of workshops and scoping sessions to capture the full gamut of requirements and also isolate and identify areas of the MVP that could be moved into further phases. This process allows us to create a smooth MVP product that would allow the Urtle team to be first to market. We then entered a period of continuous improvement that introduced new elements to the product iteratively which strengthened Urtle’s position as the market leader.

Our design team presented several routes to the client for selection and our UX team drew up the hi-fi wireframes that would present the entire user journey for Urtle care workers and care providers. The back end team, using .NET cms Umbraco, built a robust solution that would be easy to use and easy to replicate. This dovetailed perfectly with the client’s ambition to roll out the Urtle platform for other industries.

We then entered a period of user testing to further stress test the UI and functionality of the Urtle platform, this is a crucial phase and allows the GC team to further refine the product and iron out any kinks in the process.

All boxes ticked


The result was a clean, user friendly platform with a slick, intuitive design that allows workers to pick up one-off shifts and get paid quickly

The framework allows the platform to be easily replicable and can be rolled out across other industries. Urtle has made a huge impact in the care industry already and looks set to continue disrupting the agency recruitment model within care providers.

Check out the site here.

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