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Building an education startup from the ground up.

Winter’s is a newly founded international school finder for English speaking schools. Aimed at expatriate parents, Winters offers a comprehensive directory of over 6000 independent schools across the world.


Winter’s approached Greenwood Campbell with the vision of launching an end-to-end online subscription directory, promoting international independent schools.

As a newly founded startup business, Winter’s had very specific goals, targets and a demanding schedule.

Ultimately, they required a premium website that would go onto showcase over 12,000 worldwide schools.

David Moncrieff

"A year ago we had little more than a few jottings on a white board - and now here it is! I know how demanding the last few weeks have been. I appreciate how much creative thinking has been undertaken against some very tight deadlines - but the result is totally worthwhile. Few new businesses can have kicked off with such an impressive platform to support their entry to the market."

David Moncrieff
Senior Associate, Winters

What we did

From concept, scoping, UX, build, testing and deployment - the Winter’s team needed to launch the website within a six month timeframe.

The site allows parents to search for english speaking schools based on location. Using the latest version of Umbraco, Greenwood Campbell were able to incorporate unique features including a custom map with Google geo-coding. Parents are also able to create a profile for each child, allowing them to specify unique skills and interests such as favourite sport, offering personalised criteria search results.

Subscribing school members are able to manage, edit and customise their own profile. The Winter’s team also have a separate content management system, providing member support and detailed sales and site performance reporting.

School's out


Winter's International Schools Finder launched with brilliant feedback from user and resulted in interest from investors and expansion of the business into Asia.

Since launch in April 2016, the website has reached a global reach of 220,000 across 192 countries. They now have school members listed from 43 countries and parents spending 48,137 hours of time spend searching for schools on the site. The articles on the site have been read by over 70,000 parents in the last six months, spending on average 3.38 minutes of time reading. They also now have a 10 million global reach on social media.

The total number of visits to the site in 2016 was 204,808 and in 2017,  850,000 unique user visits.

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