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The University of Hertfordshire wanted to increase the number of students that signed up for their open days. They found that the original process of asking students to sign up with an email address was problematic and completion rates were poor. Then email reminders were often ignored and attendance rates to the open days were suffering.

Facebook Messenger open rates are the highest of any type of electric communication, regularly above 80% so the university tasked Greenwood Campbell with creating a Messenger chatbot that could help engage with prospective students on a platform they used regularly.

The chatbot needed to allow prospective students to talk to the university on their own terms:

  • Enabling them to gain information on the vast number of courses offered by the university
  • Provide information on the accommodation options available
  • Enable them to book onto an open day or campus tours.

The university wanted a solution that was available 24/7, provided consistently accurate information and increase open day registrations.

What we did

We started by picking a platform that could integrate with appropriate systems and provide the best experience for prospective students.

Conversation strings were mapped out, these then went through an iterative process to receive sign off.

The Chatbot was built using Chatfuel with AI integrations from Google Dialogflow to enable the bot to fully understand the context and intent of each user conversation.

Further integrations were made with Campus Management and Gecko forms to allow students to book an open day or campus tour within the chatbot.

Jet - The University of Hertfordshire Chatbot

Jet - The University of Hertfordshire Chatbot


In the first 6 months from launch, Jet handled over 2.6k conversations with prospective students and parents. The most popular being accommodation questions, further information on specific courses and open day details. 

The University of Hertfordshire benefited from a 10% increase in open day bookings, thanks to Jet.

You can talk to Jet on Facebook Messenger here.

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