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The Lovie Awards

We are the

Digital Agency

with a human approach.

Know Thy User

Our focus

We are the digital agency that appreciates and understands the individual.

When Lancelot Capability Brown would design a spectacular new garden at Blenheim palace, he’d create stupendous things to see, undulating grassed areas, scatterings of trees and serpentine lakes, a new style of landscaping. He would then wait until a dusting of snow had settled over it before opening the gardens to the public and, after visitors had taken in the experience of the incredible vistas, he’d observe the paths they’d made in the snow. Only then would he lay the foundations of the paths for visitors to journey around the garden.

Know Thy User

This is our approach to every digital strategy. Until we’ve learnt and understood exactly what you and your customers want to achieve, we won’t touch a thing.

We understand people, their motivations, habits and moods. We recognise that people don’t browse the internet, they use it as a tool to get things done. We will help our clients craft personalised experiences across the digital space whether booking a hotel room, buying a product or donating to charity.

Client Services

Building better connections and stronger relationships

Our clients are our first priority – their success and business growth is at the very core of every piece of work we complete.

Build Better Connections

Our client services team take care of the day-to-day running of client accounts - being the first port of call for any queries, quotes or questions.

We help clients grow through a clear and pragmatic understanding of tech trends and the ever- expanding digital landscape.

Our story

Changing convention, setting the standard

In the beginning there were just two friends and with them the first of our many enduring traditions were born. A handshake at the start and end of each day, ensuring everyone spends a bit of time connecting to one another – it’s where ‘digital traditionalism’ was born.

Change the Standard

This culture of respect for individuality, hard work, value and fun is the core element of our business. It is intrinsic in our recruitment of new staff and our engagement with clients. Culture is key. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built and with a high staff retention rate, our clients benefit from working with the same team throughout our relationship.

Technical expertise with creative excellence

Website design and development

We have a team of experienced developers who are able to understand clients’ needs, demands and timescales. Our outstanding team have crafted a line of digital marketing and web services within industries as diverse as hospitality, retail, and healthcare. Unlike many digital agencies we truly understand technology and have a successful history of developing digital experiences that engage, connect and inspire the customer.

Architects of Usability

We build solutions on multiple platforms and across a variety of programming languages and technologies. From complex integrations between web and core business systems, to complete website and product builds using the latest CMS’ or development platform. In seven years we have yet to come across a technical problem that we cannot solve.

Technically advanced solutions are limited in their success if they are not usable or memorable. Our creative team are able to create interfaces and UX that are certain to be memorable and easy to use. Anything can look beautiful, but we believe beautiful needs to be practical too.

Digital Marketing

Ensuring onsite & offsite visibility and recognition

Banning Complicated

Digital Marketing is a wide ranging suite of approaches, techniques and services all with a shared goal of ensuring that your organisation is visible to potential customers across all digital channels. We are experts in all aspects of Digital Marketing including:

  • Content marketing - through creating compelling blogs & articles, encouraging brand engagement.
  • Creative Design - videography and infographics
  • Any type of content (Video, Blog, articles, visual – infographics)
  • Email marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • UX
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEO with white hat link building strategies
  • Remarketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Leading digital strategy
Support and hosting

Minimising effort, maximising value

Technical bugs and issues do occur and our technical support team are on hand to help - offering hourly, monthly, or unlimited 24-hour support.

Maximising Experience, Minimising Effort

We support all our own website builds and work completed by other organisations and agencies. Unlike other agencies we have a dedicated support team who deal with debugging and fixing any issues that are identified. With specialisms in content management systems (CMS’) such as Umbraco, Sitecore and Kentico, web services and APIs’ we are able to respond quickly and accurately.

Our focus on staff development also means that many of our support team move into core development - they immediately understand our clients, their needs and the importance of excellence in software development techniques.

The project Process

Flexible, process driven professionals

We’re a progressive digital agency and use proven traditional and modern methods in terms of scoping and delivering solutions to our clients. Our business analysts are able to identify both customer and business needs through the creation of detailed user stories, highlighting functionality, design and the best and most relevant technical solutions and integration points for any platform.

Purveyors of Process

Our Project Managers use sophisticated project delivery processes and methods, understanding that our clients also have stakeholders too and blend the best of traditional waterfall and agile practices in our approach.

We understand that value for money, return on investment and total cost of ownership all feed into not only the start of a project but the lifetime of the solution. We like to provide clients with value and reassurance early with; key documents, designs, HTML and more. We also believe that the release of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can act as a rapid enabler for growth ensuring that delivery is quick, accurate and ultimately successful.


Learning, sharing and creating change

We're passionate about bringing people together to share digital and business knowhow. We host an assortment of regular events from digital nights, to casual drinks, and community focused get-togethers.



Quench is Greenwood Campbell’s quarterly drinks get together, who doesn’t prefer a chat at the bar instead of the boardroom? And naturally the drinks are on us!




Fable is our regular seminar bringing together marketers and business founders to stay attuned to the latest industry changes and insights. Each session features an expert panel from leading UK brands, sharing insider stories.




HEX provides a chance to chill, chat and congregate with like-minded coders and digital buffs. It’s the ideal place for us to catch up with other digital buffs and agency friends.

Time Well Spent


Digital is not just about building a seamless website, app or interface. It’s much more than that, a core solution to a whole raft of business challenges - from driving up sales, lowering costs, increasing customer loyalty and engagement through to reducing the time to market a new product.

Time Well Spent

Today’s effective business strategies are built with digital at the centre and having a clear understanding of its potential on your business is crucial. Understanding how your customers are using the huge range of technology, software, social media and apps should be an absolute priority for you and your business.

Our strategists are able to help you plot your way through this path and support you in ensuring that any solutions or projects you invest in - provide measureable return on investment and enhanced customer experiences.

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